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Life at the Leather Bottle, 20th Century
Following the death of her husband in 1762, Mary Fellows was granted Letters of Administration (HALS ref: 200 AW 22)  the first stages of Probate  and seven months letter an official Inventory was drawn up of the goods which had lately belonged to her husband Robert.  The full document recording this Inventory is held at HALS, reference ASA 25/4738.

This inventory gives a fascinating insight into life at the Leather Bottle at the time, where from the list of goods given it would appear that (as was to be expected in the 18th century) the beer was brewed on the premises, as malt and hops were present.  It also seems as though the landlord and his lady reared pigs, whether totally for consumption by themselves and their clients, or whether to sell to supplement their income is unsure.  It also seems likely that Mr. Fellows acted as an undertaker as numerous "graves" were found in the back yard  presumably gravestones awaiting inscription.

As a document of social history it shows something of the life led by the not so well off at the time  the only touch of luxury appearing to be a warming pan and a longcase clock.

Having undertaken a full transcript of the document I have listed below, under the headings as given in the original, the various items included in the inventory.  The spellings used are those given in the original document.

Thirty pounds of Pigs Team 
Sixteen pounds  of Lump Sugar
Sixty Seven Stone of Bacon
Eight pounds  & ½ of Salt Butter
Fourteen pounds  of Hops
one pound of Store Beers  (or possibly Beens)
two pounds and a quarter of Whole Ginger
one pound and a half of Whole Pepper
Six pounds  of Currants
Twelve pounds of Sugar
two pounds  of Bohea Tea
one Pound and a half of Green Tea
One hundred Threequarters and Four pounds  of Cheese
Quarter of a pound of Coffee
One pound of Starch
Eighteen pound of Tobackco
two pounds of Snuff
Half a Bushel of Salt
Seven pounds  of Trekkell
thirteen pounds of Plumbs
Fourteen Pounds of Candles
five ounces of  2  thread
six ounces of  3 Do
Twelve oz 4 Do
Eight Oz 6 Do
two and ½ oz of 8 Do
one oz 12 Thread
Eight pieces of Binding
Four Bushells of flower 
Two dozen of Limes
Eight Candelstics
four pair of scales
Thirty one pounds of hard  soap
Twelve sacks
two Pewter Measures
one Clever
Nine Rodds
Fifty fore Pounds of Leadweights
A Deal Square Table
two Oak Chest
one hundred and twenty Rubstones 
a Spinning Wheel
Some  Matches
a pair Shears
A Salting Troff
Tin watering potts
a pair Seives
and half firkin
one small Cask
a wire sieve
A Jack Compleat
twelve matted Chairs
a pair of Dogs (Firedogs)
A pair of handions & Tongs
two Shifting Hooks 
one Short Hook
a Square Table
Six Trenchers
Five Bushells of Pollard
one Bushell and 1/2 of  Mach
four  Incas*** 
Two Shovels
one Spade
two Forks
two Hoes
Twentry Six Quart & pewter Muggs Seventeen further vesales
a pestle and Morter
one Brass
Seventeen Candlesticks
three pairs of Tongs
one Fire Shovel
one Testing Iron
one wheel
one hand Spitt
a Tin Drugger & pepper box 
f**** Pounds of M******************************
One Large Brass Kettle
one small Ditto
two skillets Do
two Brass Ditto
one brass Ladle
one Iron Drippping Pan
a TeaKettle
a Gridiron 
three water Pails
twenty Pieces of Earthen ware
four wooded & three pewter Spoons
Six wood Trenchers
Six Knives
Six Forks
A Tin  Gallon Pott & two pieces Tin
a cupboard and Table.
Three pair & a half of Sheets
three pillow Cases
A Corded Bedstead 
*******  Furniture
Straw bed and Bolster
Feather Bed
two pillows
one Spotted Bagg
two Blanketts
one Table Cloth
one Towell
a pair of Chest of Draws
an Oak Chest with a Draw
Seven Cain Chairs
A sack of Flower
two Bushell & a half of Malt
a Corded Bedstead
Straw Bed
Flock Bed and Bolster
feather pillow
one blanket
one Piece D one Coverlid
(? down coverlett)
two pair of Sheets.
A Corded Bedstead
Straw Bed
Flock Bed
Two Bolsters
two Blankets
one flocked   **tigg
one pair of Sheets
A Corded Bedstead
a Thirty hour Clock in a Black Case
a Brass warming pan
Two Sows
firewood in the shop
three Dozen 8' Birch brooms
Six New Beeheives
Forty stone of Graves
firewood in the yard
Grind Stones.
The whole list of goods and chattels was valued at £45 18s 2d  by one John Fitch.  In modern times (2001) £4,382.07 would have the same purchasing power. (http://www.eh.net/hmit/ppowerbp/)
Pigs Team = dialect for a litter of piglets
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