As with previous centuries, there are many instances of large quantities of documentation concerning various properties, particularly those which fell within the Gorhambury Estate.  Where sufficiently important the information will be entered in the listing under the appropriate date.  Not all known information concerning the transfer of property will be listed in such a way.  Instead I shall list the principle properties and the names associated with them during the century. Should the reader be so inclined, he can follow up the reference at HALS (the County Records Office), or where relevant.  Similarly with the instigation of a national census, by the end of the century a great deal of information an be obtained from census material, in particular in recent years from the 1881 census on CD-ROM.  It would neither be practical nor sensible for me to produce all the information for the 800+ inhabitants recorded in the 1881 census, though use of the census material may provide other information of relevance.

Associated with Great & Little Coxpond Farms:  were Paul and Philip Vaillant [HALS AH177] The Duchess of Bridgewater [Hemel Hempstead Tithe Survey 1840]; James Stewart [AH 682/683] Joseph Camfield [D/EX 7 T1]  Click here to go to page re sales and maps of Cox Pond Farms.

Associated with Leverstock Green Farm were: Christopher Thomas Tower, James Preston, William Turner, Isaac Turner, John Groom, Henry Smith and Joseph Smith, [HALS 80782-80785], John Knox Hart.

Associated with Bennetts End Farm  were: William Jennings, his wife Elizabeth, Thomas Franklin and his wife Sophia

Associated with Lawrence Farm (Bottom House):  were Mrs. Orchard and the Earl of Verulam

Associated with Kettlewells were the Holinshead family. (pre 1813 -1878 approx.) (Click here to find out more about the family.)

Associated with Chambersbury were John Dickinson, his daughter Harriot and son-in-law John  (later Sir John) Evans,

Associated with The Leather Bottle were:  Benjamin Pope, George Kingshaw, George Holland

Associated with The Rose & Crown  were Charles Thomkins, Richard Ostler

Associated with  The Red Lion  was Obediah Child, Thomas Cromack, William Ward, William Dickinson and George Timson.

Associated with The Meads in Westwick Row, were: John Headech, Edward Hawkins, Philip Cowley Junior, John and Elizabeth Hudson, Edmond Fearnley Whittingstall, Charles Lewin, Charles Ehret Grover, Mary Wittingstall, Viscount Folkestone and Popham. [HALS 1M77c - 1M82c]; Thomas Barber, Richard Grover

Probably associated with Westwick Cottage were Messers Martindale, Sears and Goodman.

Associated with a cottage in Westwick Row situated where Handpost Lodge (built in the 1930s) is today were Charles Burnes, George Little, and families Vines (c. 1810), Saunders (1820s-30s), Edwards (c. 1840s), Cook (c. 1850s) and Orchards (c. 1860-1880s).[S326]

Associated  with Westwick Row  and not otherwise mentioned were: James Rolph [S 310];

Associated with brickmaking and brickworks during the 19th century were:   Henry Bennett, William Bennett, Mark Patterson Woods, Thomas Franklin, James. Pratt & son, Daniel Norris and Son, Caroline  Pratt( Mrs.) , Charles Dickens, Thomas Doult, Robert R. Norris, John & William Childs and many others.

Bricks were made in Leverstock Green, the  census returns showing most of the men living in the Tile Kiln area were brick-makers or their labourers. [ S1 - p.108 ]

Between 1870 & 1907 an additional cottage had been built on the Green, maling the present 4 Church Cottages.[S406]
The 19th Century
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