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20th Century Leverstock GreenGlossary
National Schools, Leverstock Green.Pancake Lane Cof E School Gallery,  Pancake Lane School;
School Log Books:
1863 & 1864
Helen Key Purvis

School Log Books
1865 & 1866
Helen Key Purvis

School Log Books
1867 & 1868
Helen Key Purvis

School Log Books
1869 to 1871
Helen Key Purvis
(& Hannah Mayhew)

(by date entry)

School Log Books
Alethea Bonika

School Log Books
July 1875 ~ March 1878
Dora G Lowe

School Log Books
Florence Caroline Tisoe
Leverstock Green School Photos
If YOU can add any information concerning the dates or persons in the following photographs, please let me know.
School group about 1899
School group about 1898.
School group taken against the churchyard wall.
Probably 1890's.
Headmaster Henry Thomas Ford & Pupils c. 1897.  also in the picture are his wife, Mrs Olivia Ford, who was the Infant Mistress, and two pupil teachers, one of whom was Mary Olive Dell.  H T Ford was headmaster 1888-1919
About 1906.  Uncertain whether this is a normal school photograph, or as they all seem to be in their Sunday best, whether its a picture of the Sunday School.
Maypole dancing in the school grounds, date uncertain.
About 1914.
Thomas Ford & pupils c. 1918
Back L-R: C. Wilkins, C. Latchford, R. Sears, F. Bridges, Arthur Clark, A. Ray, E. Major.
Front: J. Shapcott, L. Rance, I de Begar, S. Sears, R. Thorne, F Shapcott, E. Packham. Crossed legged: F. Hoar, A. Brown.

Mr Ford and pupils c. 1910.  The picture was taken by Scholastic Souvenir Co of Bispham, Blackpool.
About 1914 with Miss Herbert.
Miss Herbert & pupils about 1923.
Thought to be Walter Ayre and some pupils, about 1920.
Walter Ayre and pupils 1928.  Some of the pupils are: Win Biswell, Nellie Biswell, Doris Cox, Vera Windsor, Jim Matthews, Gil Steers, David Shapcott, Reg Childs, Don Field, Ron West, Syd Ison, Cecil KIng, Jack Gala, Mavis Seabrook, dorris Peddar, audrey wilson, Kitty Field, May Matthews, Olive Goodman, amy Persil & Bob Perry.